The Company has invested in solar rooftop electricity generation projects in 5 companies with an average production capacity of 0.244 MW by selling electricity to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA).

They are continual projects of 5 joint venture companies, namely TICON Demco Power 6 Company Limited, TICON Demco Power 11 Company Limited, Demco Power 15 Company Limited, Demco Power 16 Company Limited and the Company and Demco Power 17 Company Limited. The investment was under the resolution of the Board of Directors No. 10/2013 held on November 13, 2013 with the objective to produce electricity by using solar energy on the roof (Solar Rooftop) distributing to Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Provincial Electricity Authority. Each company has power generating capacity of 0.248 mw, 0.165 MW, 0.269 MW, 0.269 MW and 0.269 MW respectively and has started to produce and sell electricity since April 2015 onwards.

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