Trading Business

The Company runs the business of manufacturing and trading steel supporting structures and steel towers, trading equipment assembled to telecommunication steel towers, trading electrical equipment and trading communication equipment.

Product Categories

Steel Supporting Structure and Tower

DEMCO manufactures and sales steel supporting structure and tower for electrical engineering work in transmission & distribution system and substation switchyard, for telecommunication work as supporting tower of guyed mass tower and self-support tower, for outdoor advertising as steel supporting of bill board. At present, DEMCO's factory has manufacturing capacity 16,000 metric ton per year. The company received the promotional certificate from BOI which had been exempted for corporate income tax in the amount of 119.90 million baht which the exercise date was 3 January 2016.

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Assembled Telecommunication Equipment Set

DEMCO sales assembled telecommunication equipment set that convenient to fix to both guyed mass tower and self-support tower with short time and reduce time from gathering to be the complete set.

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Electrical Equipment

DEMCO sales standard electrical equipment for substation, transmission, and distribution line. DEMCO supplies overhead clamps and fixing hardware for project owners or subcontractors as well.

Communication Equipment

DEMCO also sales optical fiber cables and connectors' accessories.

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Service Business

By design, procurement, construction, and installation for complete engineering works.

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Project Development & Investment Business

Perform feasibility study and budget evaluating then apply all experience in renewable power plant development.

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