Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Policy

The company realizes to the importance of Good Corporate Governance so the company has prepared the organization ethics or Business Ethics for the Board of Directors, executive committee, and all employees to committed running the Company ethically with adherence to legal, standards, and code of conduct by establishing business ethics in operating the company in the corporate governance and business ethics handbook (Code of Best Practices for Directors of Listed Company) as to be guided by SET.

The company has been engrossed in run business under Good Corporate Governance controlled by The Securities and Exchange Commission for more value added, efficiency, and transparency. The brief principal of Good Corporate Governance would involve to the following;

Corporate Governance Policy

Corporate Governance Policy v.2022

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The Board of Directors of DEMCO Public Company Limited envisions the importance to conduct good corporate governance, engage in ethic and business morality, and good practices for Directors, Executives and employees of Listed Companies which are the rules and regulations of good corporate governance for 2017 Listed Companies and related practices of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

DEMCO’s Board of Directors therefore has assigned the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee to follow up, evaluate and review DEMCO's policy, ethics and good corporate governance practices to be in accordance with international law and code of conduct including the recommendations of relevant institutions and then proposes to DEMCO’s Board of Directors for approval annually.

With the steadfast determination of DEMCO’s management to lead the organization to sustainable success under the concept of organizational management based on good governance principle and being an organization that has excellence in corporate governance, therefore, DEMCO's good governance policy has been published on DEMCO’s intranet network and on DEMCO's website, so that both DEMCO’s officers and employees shall be realized, understood, and able to apply DEMCO's good governance policy factually. In the year 2016-2021, DEMCO was assessed by the survey that made to the corporate governance of Thai Listed Companies as be shown in the Corporate Governance Report of Thailand Companies at the level 5 from the National Corporate Governance Committee for 6 years continuously. For Anti-Corruption, DEMCO has announced the intention to Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption : CAC), and the CAC Committee approved the Company’s Anti-Corruption Standard as a member of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption since 22 April 2016. Currently, Anti-corruption among employees and executives of the Company has been developed to be a continual effective tool for corporate development sustainability under balance business philosophy, conducting business with transparency under risk management and good governance. Management is made reasonably for the benefits of the public, conducting business ethically and friendly to society and environment with realizing to the changes under the framework of “DEMCO Sustainable Development Platform”.

Corporate Policies

  • Risk Management Policies (Thai version)

  • - Risk Management Manual (Thai version)

  • - Crisis Management Manual (Thai version)

  • Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Policy (Thai version)

  • - Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Manual (Thai version)

  • - Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Risk Management Manual (Thai version)

  • Investment Policy Statement (Thai version)

  • Internal Control Policies (Thai version)

  • Conflict of Interest Prevention Policy (Thai version)

  • - Guideline Conflict of Interest (Thai version)

  • Policy on Supervision of Subsidiaries / Associated Companies of Demco Business Group (Thai version)

  • Related Parties Transaction Policy (Thai version)

  • Procurement Policy (Thai version)

  • Information and Technology Governance Policy (Thai version)

  • Network and Computer Usage Policy

  • Personal Information Protection Policy (Thai version)

  • Human Rights Policy (Thai version)

  • Qualifications and Nomination of Company Directors (Thai version)

Market Sensitive Information & Non Discloser Agreement Policy

  • Market Sensitive Information (Thai version)

  • Non Discloser Agreement Policy (Thai version)

Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct

  • Company Code of Ethics

  • Code of Conduct for Investor Relations Officers (IROs)

  • Supplier Code of Conduct and Guideline (Thai version)


  • Board of Directors Charter (Thai version)

  • Audit Committee Charter (Thai version)

  • Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee Charter (Thai version)

  • Nomination and Remuneration Consideration Committee Charter (Thai version)

  • Corporate Risk Committee Charter (Thai version)

  • Investment Committee Charter (Thai version)

  • Executive Committee Charter (Thai version)

  • Sub Board Committee DP (“SBC DP”) (Thai version)

  • Sub Board Committee DDL (“SBC DDL”) (Thai version)

  • Sustainability Development Management: SDM (Thai version)

Memorandum & Articles of Association

  • Memorandum (Thai version)

  • Articles of Association (Thai Version)

Whistleblowing Channel Form

Whistleblowing Channel Form